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Child Dentistry in Karaikudi, India

Child Dentistry in Karaikudi, India

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Elil Dental Care firmly believes that every children deserves a great smile. Children's are so different from adults so we take a unique professional on every child. We do care a lot for the little ones smile.


More than half of children from low-income families enter kindergarten with untreated tooth decay. 22 percent of children under the age of 13 have never seen a dentist. One-third of adults have lost a tooth due to decay or gum disease. 28 percent of adults did not have dental insurance last year. Asian and Hispanic kindergartners have three times the incidence rates of tooth decay compared to their white counterparts.


We strongly feel that pediatric dental care is essential for giving children the proper foundation for a healthy life, from childhood through adolescence and beyond. Through our new site, we are committed to arming consumers with the latest information and data regarding their children’s dental and oral healthcare, courtesy of our members, who are on the frontlines, and serve as primary care and specialty providers for millions of children from infancy through adolescence, and provide advanced, specialty-level care for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special health care needs.


We educate children and parents to prevent decay. If children have cavities, then our goal is to create the best experience possible so that we can eliminate any future anxieties kids might have about going to the dentist.

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